And here's how much you can save if you do

Now is the time to decide if you’re going to have a vacation this Christmas season. According to flight data derived from Skyscanner, many Singaporeans can fork out much less if they book flights during the last two weeks of August through early September.

The best time to book for Singapore travelers to enjoy the cheapest fares on average during Christmas is between 21-25 weeks in advance (basically now) to enjoy average savings of around 22%. If purchased during this period, airfares to Penang are nearly 40% cheaper, bookings to Jakarta and Kuching are more than 30% less than average and even flights to Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo cost about 20% less.

Come early September, you can also expect savings of about 30% for flights to cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei and Yangon. But if you're planning to head to Seoul, you can affored to wait till early October to purchase your tickets.

Check out the interactive calendar below for more Christmas season flight deals.