Do travel agents travel the same way we do?

Today’s travel agencies are a fast-paced, rapidly evolving business. We stole time off the busy schedule of Callum Brown, General Manager of Flight Centre Asia, and asked him how he likes to travel, seeing as he has a veritable army of travel experts at his disposal.

In your own words, what kind of traveler are you?

I am a family man with a thirst for adventure. Together with my wife and two young kids, we look out for memorable experiences when we travel but will never forget to end it off with some relaxation and quality family time.

Your job must bring you to many corners of the world. In your opinion, what are some of the best destinations you’ve been to and why?

Without doubt the most amazing parts of the world I have traveled to is East and South Africa. The people, culture, experience and sights all contributed to one of the most unforgettable and life changing travel experiences.

With so many travel agents under one roof at Flight Centre, do you often get local insider tips from them on where to go for fun?

Absolutely, I feel like I have do truly have over 60 travel experts at my fingertips. In fact, every time I am at the stores, I always make sure to ask these experts to share about their most recent holiday so I can learn more about the different destinations, experiences and cultures.

Can you give an example or two of hidden finds you only knew about thanks to the recommendations of local experts?

The off-the-beaten path destinations in the Philippines, such as El Nido in Palawan and Bohol. Palawan isn't called the "most beautiful island in the world" for nothing and El Nido’s unrivaled beauty springs from its massive limestone islands, bordered by powder-fine beaches, with cliffs jutting from translucent waters. These stunning landscapes and clear blue water are just two reasons why this trip was memorable. The beach town also has a slew of restaurants, bars and shops to keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Besides long lines at the airport security, what do you hate most about traveling?

Nothing—I could say delays but to me, it is all part of the amazing adventure of traveling.

Besides the fact that you’re away from work, what do you love most about traveling?

Meeting people and learning about their backgrounds and cultures. I love to visit off the beaten track destinations to meet their native people.

My trip to Africa was especially memorable not just because of the stunning views but also because of the local people I met during my trip. I fell in love with their fascinating cultures, traditions and managed to learn so much from the lovely people. They truly opened my eyes to the world we live in.

For your own personal holidays, how do you decide where to head to next?

Over many meals and wine with my wife. My wife has a long list of places she wants to visit so we never run out of ideas. Our kids are aged 7 and 4 and we always make sure to plan something that they will both enjoy.

Where are you heading to for your next holiday and why?

We are off to Sri Lanka in October and are currently planning a ski trip for early next year, either in Europe or North America.