Just one more stunning reason to visit the "Pink City"

JW Marriott Jaipur, on the outskirts of what’s called the "Pink City" of India for its 18th century sandstone palaces and forts, isn’t out of its depth amid all the old world grandeur.

The hotel architecture borrows from Rajasthan’s majesty and will have you convinced you’re entering a palace of centuries past with its intricate stone latticework and tile mosaics. It's worth the stay just to eat at Mohan Mahal, a gorgeous, tenderly-lit restaurant serving up Rajasthani and Mughali cuisine.

The 200-plus rooms, suites and villas are modern updates of antique opulence. Each room’s marble floors convey a cool, minimalist vibe while invoking the marble palaces that the region’s famous for. For $588/night, stay in a royal pool villa, which comes with a private plunge pool.