It is inevitable

It’s no secret that being stuck in a high-pressure cabin at high altitudes wreaks havoc on our skin. The lack of humidity has us boarding fresh-faced and disembarking looking tired and dull.

Fortunately, there’s a way to stay hydrated and moisturized when you fly. With these tried-and-tested tips, you can step off the plane looking and feeling refreshed:

Prep your skin

Give your skin a strong head start by applying a moisturizing mask the night before you fly. Try a homemade mask comprising of soothing aloe, moisturizing honey and olive oil, and other nourishing ingredients.

Don’t skip exfoliation

Exfoliating is crucial for healthy, moisturized skin. You need to remove all the sebum, dead skin cells, and grime accumulated over the day before your skincare products can work their magic. The cleaner your skin is, the more effective the products will be.

Cleanse gently

Some cleansers contain harsh, drying ingredients that interrupt your skin’s natural pH, leaving your skin susceptible to the effects of flying. Look for a gentle cleanser, and use it on the day of your flight to start out right with your skin.

Choose a natural moisturizer

After cleansing, lay on a moisturizer that contains natural antioxidants that help to protect your skin from environmental stressors. Find a natural one without alcohol or preservatives as those will dry out your skin. You might also want to mix some natural oils into your moisturizer for extra hydration. Try cranberry seed oil, rose water, or vanilla extract.

Forego the foundation

It’s best to go bare-skin on the flight. The dry air in the cabin will sap moisture from your skin, leaving your makeup looking cakey and highlighting fine lines. Plus, having foundation on means the moisturizer you apply afterwards won’t be as effective.

If you’re unwilling to go completely bare, try a tinted moisturizer, a light mascara, and a moisturizing lip gloss. To get ready upon arrival, bring along a handy makeup case that includes a foundation and concealer, then apply before landing.

Skip the mist

Many women spritz on a facial mist to beat dryness on the go. But while that helps for a few minutes, in the long run water mists can actually make things worse as they dry out your skin more when they evaporate. Try a rosemary or soothing aloe mist instead.

Slip in some serum

Serums penetrate deeper into your skin than a moisturizer does and they act like a barrier that keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. Apply a good dollop of that before going to bed for some night recovery. (PS. Reach for unscented serums if you have sensitive skin.)

Eat well

Aside from products that keep your skin well-moisturized and happy, what you eat also affects your skin condition. If you indulge in fatty, greasy junk food, alcohol and/or caffeine, your skin will most probably become dry and dull, and maybe even break out. Bring along healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts, and sip regularly on a bottle of water.

This article first appeared on THREAD, Zalora's fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content portal.