A wilder side

  • By KKday
  • | Jul 06, 2018

From volcanic wonders to scenic coastlines, Korea’s Jeju Island is brimming with natural wonders that make it a popular holiday destination. Head to Korea’s southern gem, and reward yourself with island views and more. Here are some things that’ll definitely make your Jeju trip worth it.

Wander past the Udo Coastline

Jeju Island Attractions: Udo Coastline 

Udo is easily has one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Jeju. With lovely scenery and clean fresh air, strolling around the charming island by bus or bike is highly recommended. Marvel at the island’s breathtaking rocky cliffs, lush green grassland, powder blue seas, and white coral sand and black sand beaches. Witness the sun as it rises above the horizon, perfect for your dream getaway.

Off-road Adventures to Mount Halla

Looking for something pretty extreme? Preparer for a thrilling off-road adventure to you Jeju Island’s arresting beauty. Board a 4X4, and drive up to capture Jeju’s scenic landscapes. Not to be missed is the wildly popular Mount Halla meaning “mountain high enough to pull the galaxy.” Halla is a dormant volcano which stands 1,950 meters above sea level and is also South Korea’s highest peak.

Take a glimpse of Jeju’s rich marine life 

Jeju Island Attractions: Corals and Marine Life. Photo credit: Flickr/Korean Culture and Information Service used under CC 2.0

Aside from Jeju Island’s stunning landscapes, it’s also home to a rich marine environment. Explore the world underwater and come face to face with Jeju’s secluded marine life. And with its moderately sunny weather, Jeju Island’s waters make for an unforgettable diving experience. You can also take a speedboat ride, and witness a group of dolphins out in the sea. 

If you’d rather stay dry, then another great option is to board an EGO Semi-Submarine. This family friendly tour experience lets you experience Jeju Island’s underwater beauty, take stunning photos, all from the comfort and safety of your own seat.

Take a full day trip in Western Jeju 

On this guided bus tour, witness some of Jeju Island’s most stunning natural attractions. Western Jeju is full of a number of different tourist attractions that showcase the island’s natural beauty. So if drifting through picturesque spots is your cup of tea, book a seat now. 

Jeju Island Attractions: Hyeopjae Beach. Photo credit: Pixabay

Take a leisurely walk along Hyeopjae Beach, and drink in the stunning view. Then, explore Hallim Park, which offers a great opportunity to learn more about Jeju Island’s natural wonders. The Park is full of lush botanical gardens and vivid flora. 

Check out the Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul Caves—known to be the only two dimensional caves in the world.

Western Jeju also offers countless opportunities for outdoor activities. Trek your way into the top of Suweolbong Mountain Hill, and reward yourself with the panoramic sights of Chagwi Island, Dansan and Jukdo Islet. Or opt for Mount Sanbang’s 60-minute trail, and see its spectacular landscape, molded from 800,000 years of volcanic activity.

Jeju Island Attractions: Cheonjeyon Waterfall. Photo credit: Pixabay

Don’t miss the chance to witness Cheonjeyon Waterfall, or ‘The Pond of God.’ From the ceiling of a cave, water drops before gushing down into a three-tier waterfall, to make for one of Jeju Island’s most alluring forces of nature. 

Watch the Nanta Show live

This award-winning comedy cannot be missed on your trip to Jeju. Head over to the Nanta Theater, and catch this 90-minute show that combines traditional Korean folk music, slapstick comedy, and amusing plot lines. The show runs without using a single Koren road, defying language barriers for a non-verbal performance that will leave you in stitches. You can book your tickets ahead of time with KKday!

Jeju is definitely one of the world’s most beautiful islands, and is worth exploring the next time you’re in Korea. Check out all the Jeju tours and activities you can experience with KKday!

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