And no, it’s not part of Night Safari

The Singapore Zoo is definitely one of our country’s proudest attractions, and we’re willing to fight anyone who disputes that. Yes the Zoo is manicured, and yes there are unfortunate cases of animals escaping and being put down every now and then (leading in turn to even rarer moments where Singaporeans band together in indignant mobs). But every year, new elements are added, the wildlife family expands, and kiddos everywhere are filled with wonder at the experiences found in this small Mandai haven. Now, 45 years after it first opened its lush green doors in 1973, the Singapore Zoo has a brand new attraction.

Rainforest Lumina is its name, and lighting up the night for your nocturnal viewing pleasure is its game. A first in Southeast Asia, the illuminated multimedia night walk takes place within the zoo’s tropical rainforest, bringing visitors on an immersive journey of lights and sound. Wear comfy shoes; it’s a one-kilometer stretch through 11 different zones, created not by zoo tycoon Bernard Harrison, but multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory.

Evidently, the Zoo has heard all possible criticism and taken steps to (sort of) address them. Themed “We Are One”, Rainforest Lumina features a storyline exploring how humans, animals and nature are all connected, with a call for everyone to come together to protect and preserve wildlife. The walk has also been carefully constructed to minimize disturbance to the park’s animal collection and native wildlife—so you can put away your pitchforks and sit back down.

Rainforest Lumina launched Jul 1 and is a seasonal attraction running between 7:30-10:30pm each night. It’s unlikely, but if the attraction holds out till 2023, we imagine the new Banyan Tree resort on-site will come in handy.