Experience apocalypses and fight zombies IRL

Escape rooms are pretty much passe, and karaoke just doesn’t cut it. So the next time you and your friends are looking for some unique activities to do (be warned: it isn’t “chill” per se), check out some of these virtual reality (VR) game rooms that have been sprouting up in Singapore over the year.

Hado Singapore

Photo credit: Hado Singapore's Facebook page

We kick off the list with the mildest VR experience, though by no means less fun. For those afraid of jumping head first into an unknown realm, Hado provides a solution by introducing virtual elements into the real world instead—think dragons, mushrooms, and fireballs etc. Marketed as “techno sports”, they offer augmented reality instead of a fully immersive VR experience. The upside is that you don’t have to worry about motion sickness; and as you won’t be connected by cables, you’re free to move around and experience the elements they offer. They offer three different games: Dodgeball (but with fireballs instead!), monster battle and Hado shoot. It is one of the more affordable options on the list, priced at $20-23 per person for all three games lasting 30 mins in total. #02-15 Scape, 2 Orchard Link


Photo credit: Sandbox's Facebook page

Sandbox offers a hyper realistic experience, using haptic technology to bring in the added sense of touch along with untethered movement. Bring a party of up to six people to play in one of two games: Curse of Davy Jones or Deadwood Mansion. With a movie quality motion capture, actions are seamless and they themselves have compared it to the “Holodeck” from Star Trek. The games are priced at $29-40 per person for about half an hour of gameplay. #05-31 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd.

Virtual Room

Photo credit: Virtual Room's Facebook page

Touted to be the best collaborative or team-based VR game room, Virtual Room sets itself apart from other VR places by offering each player their own room to play in. Following their first sci-fi release, players must now work in teams of up to four and time travel all the way back to ancient Egypt to solve puzzles together in order to save the world. Prices here are slightly steeper at $44-49 per person, but you get 45 minutes of game time so the math works out to be about the same, really. Check out how the SG Magazine team fared here. B/3 Lucky Chinatown, 211 New Bridge Rd.


Photo credit: V-room's Facebook page

Located in the heart of Jurong East, V-room offers over 30 games, featuring horror, shooting, puzzle and multiplayer games. A suitable option for a casual game or two with your friends, it is by far the most affordable of the lot here as well—each cozy room fits two to four people and only costs $12-15 per person for an hour. You can consider coming here as an introduction to VR gaming, or just to get a quick VR fix that won't break the bank. #02-11 JCube, 2 Jurong East Ctrl. 1

Zero Latency

Photo credit: Zero Latency's Facebook page

Perhaps the biggest arena in Singapore to play in, Zero Latency offers a staggering 4000 sq ft warehouse for you and your friends (up to eight players, no less) to play in. Cordless, you are free to move around without fear of bumping into a wall three arms’ length away. This is accompanied by a perfectly weighted controller and a headset with 2k resolution to provide the ultimate VR experience. Four games are offered here, ranging from zombies to space themes. The priciest of the lot, it’ll set you back about $48-70 per person, but the extensive game play and fully immersive environment makes it tempting to try out, at least once.  #03-346 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Blvd.