It’s been a whole year since our last edition of Top Tables, and since then Singapore’s food scene has only gotten more exciting, with dozens of new openings, the appearance of new cuisines (Hawaiian poke salads, anyone?), the arrival of global trends (backyard farms on Dempsey Hill, for example) and persisting old ones (Champagne forever!). So which are the restaurants worth spending your time and hardearned money at?
That’s where we come in. For 12 months, we’ve been attending new openings, going back in secret with our dates and friends, wading through all the hype and asking: at this moment in time, just what are the best restaurants in Singapore? Here’s what we’ve discovered.
This year’s Top Tables 2016 is even more curated than the last, with many restaurants out, many exciting new ones in and the timeless stalwarts staying firmly put—all divided helpfully by neighbourhood. Use it to plan your gastronomic journey for the next year.
Bon appetit!
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