Sounds like a sweet deal to us

Will Smith tried to warn us back in 2004, but we didn’t listen—and now for better or for worse, robots are taking over the world. Joining the growing ranks of hospitality robots, however, is one we didn’t see coming: Say hello to Honeybot, the first robot in the world programmed to craft customized honey drinks.

If that sounds incredibly specific, that’s because it is. Honeybot is the invention of local honey store Honeymill, developed with the sole purpose of serving quality cups of honey at the newly opened space. Behind it all is Honeymill founder Sophia Lim, who spent nine months with her R&D team to develop and birth the bot. But don’t worry; the likelihood of this machine proclaiming world domination is slight. Not an actual, fully functioning robot, Honeybot is mainly a robotic arm programmed to differentiate between 20 variations of honey.

Honeybot hard at work

Fresh honey stocked at Honeymill

At Honeymill located at Marina One The Heart, customers can choose from signature honey drinks like the Manuka Mystic, Dairy Adventure, Eucaberry and more. Or you can customize your own drink with the 20 varieties of honey on offer—simply choose from the assortment of honey flavors (designated into floral, fruity, herbal, nutty and woody), add toppings (honey jelly, coffee jelly, calamansi), and select your drink to be served iced, warm or sparkling. Sit back and watch Honeybot go through the various stations to create your drink; the store aims to serve 300 cups of honey drinks a day to the Marina One office crowd.

The concept store, which is part of the larger distributor and exporter of premium honey Honey House, is also the first store in Asia to import premium honey creme products from Italy. Pick up a box of the ready-to-eat creme (which has the consistency of a spread) with breadsticks for just $5. Otherwise, there’s also honey swiss rolls, honey cheesecakes, and fresh honey sourced directly from bee farms in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Italy and Romania. Sweet.

Honeymill is located at Marina One The Heart, #B2-22. More information here.