May 2018 be the year of the superfood

For the diet-conscious worker on-the-go, you can now look forward to an expanded range of options to feast on—1-hour lunch break or not. Marks & Spencer has released an all-new line of healthy wok-based meals, packed with superfoods and designed to help anyone who wants to "Eat Well" this New Year.

The vegan and vegetarian meals, which range from $9.90 for an edamame and pea stir fry to $14.90 for a Nourish Bowl of spiced tofu, are packed with superfoods like seaweed, sprouted grains, and pea protein. No time for a full lunch? (Us too.) The line packages quick and nourishing bites perfect for a nutritious meal at your desk that will hopefully make it less sad. They’ve also launched high-protein noodles for the first time, fortified with power-packed ingredients like pea and lentil flours.

Skinny sweet potato salad

Edamame & pea stir fry

Or make use of the company microwave—all-new microwaveable savoury noodles and vegetable bags keep things clean and fuss-free. M&S has always been known for their quality groceries; this should be no different. And just because you don’t have time to eat for long, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to eat well. 

The "Eat Well" range is available from Jan 20 at Marks & Spencer Wheelock Place