Local and Asian spices come together in skewer form on Dempsey Hill

Go back to the good old days with the provision shop-inspired skewer and cocktail bar Provisions. The main offerings on the menu are claypot rice and meat skewers marinated with uniquely Singaporean ingredients like laksa leaves; bespoke cocktails like the Bantai Bandung incorporate favorite local flavors too. 

At Provisions, you can have your food two ways—either skewered neatly on a stick, or in an earthen ware vessel that’s basically fancy speak for claypot. Both are a tribute to simpler times of communal dining and comfort food in Singapore, something the owners want to bring out despite the restaurant being located in the more upmarket location of Dempsey.

On the menu is claypot rice in various flavors—such as the Seafood Rice ($16) and Oyster & Uni Rice. The marinated skewers range from chicken and pork parts, to mutton, beef and seafood. To preserve the flavor and authenticity of Southeast Asian cuisine, no MSG is used; and ingredients like laksa leaves, lemon grass, Szechuan pepper and Oolong tea feature prominently in the marinade of the skewers. The drinks too prize the same local influences of the food, incorporating Asian herbs and spices in the bespoke cocktail creations, which start from $12.

True to its name, Provisions evokes the old-school provision shop experience, with knick-knacks and toys placed around the 69-seater restaurant for diners to reminisce and play with. Naturally a little more upmarket, the vibe isn’t as comely as it aspires to be, but charming enough to warrant a visit. 

Venue Details
Address: Provisions, 7 Dempsey Rd., Singapore, 249671 Singapore
Phone: 6250-7090
Area: West, Dempsey
Cuisine: Asian
Price Range: $
Open since: June, 2017
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 4pm-1am; Fri-Sat 4pm-2am; Sun 10:30am-3pm
Nearest trainFarrer Road
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