The old capital is calling.

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[Sponsored] A favorite destination among Singaporean travelers, Kyoto is a truly magical place. Such is the beauty of Japan’s former imperial capital that it’s inspired paintings, poetry and novels. Set along the Kamo River with views of the Higashiyama mountains, Funatsuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort is the perfect place to experience all that the city has to offer. Here’s why.

It has a unique history

Funatsuru is a landmark with close to 150 years of history—it’s designated a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. The current traditional wooden structure was built more than a century ago by skilled craftsmen and its charms cannot be replicated anywhere else.

It offers versatile event spaces

Considering hosting an event in Kyoto? Funatsuru can cater to your every need with its MICE facilities. From the intimate rooftop terrace and ceremony space, to the VIP Room (for up to 40 guests), Gallery Room (for up to 100 guests) and Grand Ball Room (for up to 200 guests), the resort boasts a space for every occasion. The team at Funatsuru is well-equipped to organize themed parties which include cultural performances or sake and tea ceremonies.

It is a place for all seasons

Located in the heart of Kyoto, Funatsuru is a vantage point to see the many faces of Kyoto through the changing seasons. In spring, you’ll witness the blooming of cherry blossom trees, in summer, you can partake in kawayuka—the local tradition of dining on a terrace by the river, and later in the year, you can catch glimpses of autumn foliage close to the property. You can also expect to bump into some of Kyoto’s famed geishas here.

It serves up unforgettable Kyoto-French cuisine

One can’t discuss Kyoto without bringing up its cuisine. Blending traditional French fare with Kyoto’s best local ingredients, Funatsuru’s in-house restaurant is an attraction of its own. Helmed by Grand Chef Shu Ishii, the restaurant uses ingredients like kyoyasai (specially designated traditional vegetables), ayu (sweetfish), wagyu beef and hojicha (a roasted variety of green tea) to craft memorable seasonal dishes.
Bookings can be made by email. For more information, head to the Funatsuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort website.
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