Featuring unapologetic millennial favorites: avocado toast and acai bowls

News flash: It seems the lacklustre coffee place The Daily Roundup, once located on the ground floor of The Working Capitol, Chinatown’s trendy co-working space, has slunk quietly away, in an F&B death no one seems to have even noticed. But prime estate doesn’t stay available for long. In its ashes a new phoenix has arisen—1KS by Park Bench Deli, their first all-day cafe concept that aims to marry good food and a healthy work culture.

Co-owners Andrei Soen and Aamir Ghani have one goal in mind—to reinvent the working lunch. At 1KS, that means creating a conducive, productive space for casual business-work dining; the cafe is open all day, and blends seamlessly into the co-working space.

If you’re a young working professional, you’ll likely appreciate the menu as well. Expect perennial millennial favorites like acai bowls ($13), avocado toast ($12) and cold pressed juices ($8)—available all-day. After 11am, dig into heartier options like the Carnitas Torta ($18), a saucy Mexican creation of pulled pork and chipotle mayo; or PBD’s classic selection of sandwiches. For anyone looking to power through the workday, quality roasts by Gentlemen’s Coffee Company and Papa Palheta should do the trick in delivering your caffeine fix.

In its soft launch now, the cafe opens officially on Aug 17. The setup remains largely unchanged from its previous tenant’s laidback design, but with added touches of street-inspired decor to keep things fresh and fun. Only time will tell whether 1KS survives the current spending slump; for now, it’s definitely a space to watch.

1KS is located at 1 Keong Saik Road, and is open from 8am-9pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-6pm (Sat-Sun).