Prepare for grilled eel madness

Attention lovers of unagi: Tokyo’s most esteemed unagi specialty restaurant is taking its world-class eel and bringing it abroad for the first time. And lucky us; they’ve chosen Singapore as their first port-of-call.

With 20 outlets in Japan, Miyagawa Honten boasts a 125-year history of serving up tasty Japanese grilled eel. The Singapore outlet, located at Robertson Quay, will mark its very first outlet outside Japan—and the first time an unagi specialty restaurant from Japan franchises to Singapore.

The restaurant looks set to be a cozy space, seating just 34. But you can look forward to the brand’s three signature unagi styles. Hitsumabushi showcases freshwater eel prepared in a style originating from Nagoya, capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture; seiro mushi steams the grilled unagi in a bamboo steamer before slathering it in sauce; and the classic donburi features the fish atop rice, for more conventional unagi appreciation.


Seiro mushi


The store opens Apr 11 at 01-05 Riverside View along Robertson Quay; eel fanatics only.