With possibly one of the most exciting oyster selections we've seen in a while.

After months-long renovations, the Ritz-Carlton’s Greenhouse has reopened as a swanky new buffet restaurant. Colony takes cues from Singapore’s multi-cultural history to offer an actually more-than-decent buffet spread.

Why should you be fussed about yet another hotel buffet? Well, we went, and thought it was pretty legit.

They've probably got one of the best oyster spreads we've seen in a while, shucking Normandy, Irish and Fine de Claire varieties, among others. There are also the obligatory live cooking stations that whip up everything from fine dining dim sum morsels to tasty fried rice with cereal prawns and a fiery sambal belachan. The creamy laksa is supposed to be a must-try. There's the classic cooked stuff, too, like beef wellington and roasted lamb racks to fresh foie gras with fruit compote. 

Most excitingly: there's a cocktail cart shaking up craft cocktails with house-infused spirits and syrups, although you’ll have to top up around $20 to order those.

While the price point is similar to the famed buffet at Shangri-La’s The Line restaurant (with dinner buffets going for $78 on Mon-Thu and $88 on the weekends), we prefer the food, sexy ambience and gaze-worthy crowd at Colony. So if you’re a buffet fan, you should definitely give this one a chance.