The man behind the comforting and succulent steaks at Jack's Place weighs in on how to grill one right.

[SPONSORED] With over two decades of experience, Jack’s Place sure knows how to grill a proper steak. But thanks to the skills and adventurous streak of their in-house steak man and Executive Chef Heman Tan, the casual comfort food eatery also knows how to build on a classic, adding new techniques and sauces to keep things fresh. Here we speak to Chef Tan about his grilling secrets and his favorite dishes.

What are some steak prep techniques at Jack’s Place?
It involves many years of experience in choosing quality beef and tasting for freshness. Grilling with the right temperature is crucial, too. Do not grill your steak with “big” flame. Take out the steak from the fridge and let it sit for 20-30 mins. At this point, you can pre-heat your grill and trim excess fat, leaving about a quarter-inch of fat all the way around. Make sure you add lots of salt and pepper on the surface to properly season each bite.

What is your bestselling steak in Jack’s Place?  
Jack’s Special Steak is the bestselling steak among our guests, followed by the fire steak. Fire steak is one of our signature dishes. Not many steak restaurants in Singapore are serving fire steak as the temperature is hard to control. If the temperature is too high, the outer layer will burn but the steak will remain raw inside. At Jack’s Place, our chefs are trained to prepare the perfect fire steak.

Any locally inspired steak options?
Our sambal steak proves to be very popular. Initially, sambal steak had been created to suit local palates as we realized that sambal chilli is a hot favorite among locals. However, many adventurous expats and tourists seemed to love this dish too.

Is there such a thing as a healthy steak?
We have tied up with Health Promotion Board for their healthier choice campaign. For those who like steak but are calories conscious, tenderloin with capsicum is a great option. It’s less than 500 calories.  


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