Two words: DIY Bingsoo

A nautical-themed buffet has landed on our shores—in an ocean-inspired enclave at Marina Bay Sands. Aptly named Sea & Blue, the restaurant serves over a whopping 100 dishes in a Continental and Korean buffet concept.

First off, maritime influences take the shape of blue, orange and white decor around the restaurant, which seats an impressive 350 people. The bottom of a wooden boat, plus oars, is suspended from the ceiling, which itself is designed to look like waves. For a final touch, the walls are decorated with creatures of the deep; so everything comes together to create the sensation of dining underwater.

Ten hot and cold stations will gladly provide you with the makings of a quality food coma. Of the 10, there’s a Barbeque station, deep-fried food, the requisite salad and fruit bar, as well as a pizza and pasta station. Of course, at an underwater-themed buffet, expect seafood—a lot of it. Fill your plate with classics like fresh salmon, prawns, Snowcrab and Canadian oysters (freshly shucked on the spot); but don’t miss out on the Nigiri sushi and Gimbap (Korean rice rolls) on offer too.

But the real star here is the Korean station. From freshly griddled Pajeon pancakes to Guksu (hot noodles), to Korean staples beef bulgogi, tteok-bokki (rice cake), and even a DIY Bimbimbap station, there’s enough to keep those K-food cravings at bay for a good few months. The cherry on top of this Korean supercake—a DIY Bingsoo station as part of the desserts bar.

If the variety isn’t enough, well, we applaud you. But also, Sea & Blue rotates its food offerings every fortnight, so you can look forward to an all-new dining experience with each visit. Prices are between $42-64 during lunch, and $58-68 for dinner. Private rooms can even be booked for an additional $30-50, so you can celebrate your birthday under the sea. If Sea & Blue is anything to go by, then darling it definitely is better down where it’s wetter.

Sea & Blue is located at #B2-01/01A The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and is open from 11:30am.