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If you’ve ever been to Bangkok for a short getaway or shopping trip, chances are you’ve come across All Coco—an unassuming dessert stand located outside one of the entrances to Platinum Shopping Mall that calls out to you with its trademark green signage and promises of sweet, sweet respite from the heat. Maybe you don’t recall the name, but surely you remember the divine taste of this coconut ice cream brand’s treats—extra refreshing since everything is dairy-free. The stuff is so good, even locals swear by it, which pushed the brand to open its first standalone cafe in the trendy Thonglor neighborhood early last year.

And now, they’ve ever so quietly made their way to our shores, opening a stall right in the heart of town. Located outside The Cathay, All Coco Singapore had its grand opening in earlier this month, in what’s hopefully the first of a tsunami of chain outlets to come. There was no fanfare, no over-the-top media launch; probably because no one has realized yet what a big deal this is (can you feel us hyperventilating through your screen?).

All Coco Singapore. Photos credit: All Coco's Facebook page

For some background, All Coco is the brainchild of parent company K Fresh in Thailand—exporters of fresh coconuts and self-proclaimed coconut enthusiasts. As its name suggests, All Coco is entirely coconut-focused, and their products are made from 100% Nam Hom (which translates to aromatic water) coconut water. These include coconut water itself, coconut shakes, pudding, ice cream, and a signature soft serve available in Original, Charcoal or Swirled. Everything is made low in calories and cholesterol- and coconut milk-free—so it’s pure magic straight from the husk you’re tasting.

Swirled Soft Serve. Photo credit: All Coco Facebook

We may write about food for a living, but sometimes there are just no words able to do due justice to a beautiful taste. Hurry down and try it for yourself now, before the influencers beat you to it.

All Coco Singapore is located at #01-24 The Cathay. More information here.