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If we thought he was, PSY definitely isn't anymore. Funny, that is. Sure, we were taken in by his horsing around too (at the start). That Gangnam style song? It’s pretty catchy. But not after hearing it for the millionth time. And certainly not after seeing his pudgy mug plastered all over print ads, in youtube videos and in concert (again and again and again).

You can’t fault the guy for wanting to make the most of his (likely short lived) fame but we don’t have to enjoy it. Overexposed as he is, Psy’s now got a new gig as the spokesperson for Korean quick service food chain Bibigo.

The premise of the PsygoBibigo campaign is simple. It’s a cooking competition to win a chance to be the Korean star’s personal chef (though we can’t think why he needs one—does it look like the man hasn’t been eating enough?). And the video ad’s awful too (see below), perpetuating old school stereotypes of the emasculated (those “hot” girls are only funny next to him because he presents as so asexual), unassertive East Asian man speaking either in Korean or in heavily accented English (the man went to Berklee College of Music for goodness sake, surely he can do one ad in English). Haven’t we moved pass that chubby baby-faced Charlie Chan cliche of the “good” Asian?

Rant aside, if you still feel the desire to be Psy’s chef—shame on you—there’s good money to be won. There’ll be “Psy Needs a Chef” cooking classes at NEX Shopping Mall on May 6 and 7 (3pm-4pm) teaching folks to make Korean dishes such as Bibigo rice, pajeon and japchae. If you do well at these sessions, you’ll be interviewed and entered into an online poll with a chance to win US$40,000 (S$49,075), a trip to South Korea and to meet the man himself. The winner will be announced on June 3. If you do win though, ask the man how he sleeps at night...

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Chin Hui Wen