Try the world's best whisky (hint: it's from Taiwan) for cheap.

Launched just a few days ago, Whisky Butler is probably the only online whisky tasting club in Singapore. It's a service that selects, curates and delivers monthly samplers of four premium whisky drams right to your doorstep. If you like anything in particular, you get special rates on bottles.

The cheapest tier is the $88 pay-as-you-go subscription and is good for newbies, while the $468 half-year subscription and the $888 full year subscription are perfect for hardline whisky lovers. You can cancel or freeze your subscription at any time, if you have a change of heart.

The January sampler has some interesting stuff. On the old world front, there's the Old Pulteney 21, aka World Whisky of the Year 2012, and the Irish Redbreast 21. But more interestingly, there's a Yamazaki 18 from Japan and the Kalavan Soloist Sherry from Taiwan. You'll remember that the distillery shook things up with a big win in 2014.

Check out their FB page here for more updates.