May we interest you in a Buttery Nipple?

The gradual progression into coffee addiction should come naturally with age. It’s likely we all started out with mocha, or some kind of milo-kopi concoction, to ease us into caffeine; soon, it was cups of steaming black liquid multiple times a day to get us through the work week. Eventually, you will reach a point where the caffeine no longer has an effect, and you gleefully down six coffees a day for the sheer thrill of it. Scoff now; that day might come sooner than you think.

To cater to this ballooning community of diehard caffeine addicts, a brilliant new establishment has surfaced. 78 Alkofelic touts itself as Singapore’s first dedicated coffee cocktail bar, to bring in harmonious union the two deadly liquids of coffee and alcohol. Why it took so long for us to get here, we will never know.

Located at Purivs Street, the bar serves up a unique menu of coffee cocktails and premium coffee brews, with a distinct Singaporean twist. The Flying Singaporean, for example, promises a heady mix of absinthe, XO and coffee, while the Ice Boozy Alkofee contains Cointreau, brandy, kahlua, hot coffee and Irish cream. The coffee used for all the coffee cocktails comes from the fresh brews of the day, made either with single-origin Ethiopian beans or 78 Alkofelic’s in-house blends. Other more classic alcoholic coffee drinks such as Irish Coffee, Old Fashioned Coffee and the Espresso Martini are available too. Best part: all the coffee cocktails are delightfully priced at $15.

You can also get regular cocktails and a selection of teas and cold-pressed juices, but a coffee cocktail bar is no place for wimps. Food items, however, include both savory and sweet dishes like beef wraps, baked pasta, and apple pie and cakes respectively.

78 Alkofelic is located at #01-01, 6 Purvis Street, and open from Mon to Sat, 8am-11:30pm. More information here.