Also, new members lounge

Ah, the oh-so elusive and exclusive membership to the hottest nightclub in Singapore, where only the who’s who and the ones rolling in endless pits of cash form the elite membership pool. Unless you know someone on the inside, spend on copious amounts of booze every other night, or is someone prominent in the scene, it’ll be hard to get noticed. However, Zouk has since refreshed their membership program, which means you could be hanging out at their new members lounge sooner than you think.

Enter the Friends of Zouk card—it’s not exactly a membership card per se, but it does keep you in the loop on the latest parties at the nightlife and music institution. You’ll also be privy to quarterly refreshed promos, partner promos and priority pre-purchase for special nights (like the their Epic series where huge DJs commanding a strong audience play for a night). And if you spend and patronize the club enough, you might even be invited to be a member by the staff (based on half year reviews). The catch? There’s an annual fee of $20. It might not sound like it’s worth it, but if you’re the sort who goes every other week, why not? Think of it as paying to sit in the front row of a class to catch the attention of your teacher.

They’ve also refreshed their current membership program with three tiers, structured according to exclusivity that come with stacking benefits, while retaining their by-invite-only recruitment. For example, Star tier members get complimentary entries, Sun tier members get huge bottle discounts and priority table bookings and Kaleidoscope tier members will receive complimentary bottles when they book a table, along with exclusive event invites.

To top it all off, Zouk has finally decided to give us back a members lounge. Perched on the upper balcony of the main room, the lounge features a modular seating arrangement, reflective and lighted hexagon fixtures lined against the walls and a dedicated bar exclusively for members. More info here.