No nasty neon orange soda for us this Chinese New Year, thank you.

Hangar 24 Orange Wheat
The juiciest and lightest of the lot, this sunny beer is made with Californian oranges, pureed whole and added to the brew. It delivers a tangy hit of citrus while remaining airy, so it’s perfect for washing down greasy snacks.
$6.90 at Thirsty - The Beer Shop

Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale
Japanese brewer Baird puts out some really exceptional beers, and this is one of our favorites. It’s an American-style pale ale that’s citrusy without being overwhelming, with little hints of honey to counter the hops. The orange-amber color makes it extra festive, too.
$16 from Taphouse

Mikkeller …Zest Please!
It’s not just blonde beers who have all the fun. Brewed with orange zest by the ever-dependable Mikkeller, this is a dark, malty, chocolatey porter with a pleasant citrus kick. Think liquid jaffa cakes—great for dessert.
$13.50 from 99 Bottles