It's been a while since you came here—but maybe it's time to revisit St James and check out its new clubs and bars. Psst: Cover charge (with the exception of Powerhouse) now only applies on Saturday nights.

Outpost Bar & Bistro
The only gastropub in the vicinity, newcomer Outpost offers “elevated” bar bites, paired with a tightly-curated and surprisingly offbeat wine selection with decent house wines. Try the quirky red Le Pigeoulet ($13/glass). Their happy hour promo (6-9pm daily) isn’t too shabby either, with six different beers at $5/half pint. Acoustic live music keeps the atmosphere relaxed and almost rustic.

Club Gossip
Touted as the only Vietnamese disco in Singapore, Gossip caters to quite a niche crowd. Each night scantily-clad girls take to the stage to gyrate to “Viet-House” beats, complete with glow sticks and pulsating strobe lights. There’s also a private room upstairs to play pool and fish for stuffed toys from the claw machine.

A neon green biohazard sign greets you, after which a spiralling descent leads down to a cavernous space with an industrial vibe. It’s all very Y2K hereremember when Euro-trance clubs with podiums and lofty VIP lounges were all the rage?  Expect a flashback to earlier party days, all set to an electro house soundtrack.

District One
Your best bet for a good night out at St James, this club churns out everyone’s favorite EDM remixes. With the DJ tucked away in a corner by the bar, the podium takes center stage for those who like to show off their dance moves. Even on a Wednesday night, the crowd goes all out.