Go for Banksy, stay for the all-round badassery

The ArtScience Museum never fails to surprise. You’d think a traveling exhibition from the London Natural History Museum, which currently holds court, would be hard to top, but the next in the museum’s international lineup is set to wow even more. From Jan 13-Jun 3, the galleries of the museum will be filled with the works of the world’s top street artists—who didn’t suffer the wrath of our Vandalism Act to be here.

Art from the Streets will trace 40 years of street art, from its controversial beginnings as expressions of counterculture, to its current standing as a major pillar of contemporary art. More excitingly, the show curated by street art expert and gallerist Magda Danysz, will showcase some of the biggest names in the genre—Banksy, for one, as well as Futura, Invader, and Shepard Fairey, more commonly known as the founder of Obey Clothing and the artist behind the now iconic Barack Obama “Hope” poster.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a series of live paintings and installations created during the exhibition itself, by artists from the field like Felipe Pantone from Spain. Large-scale murals, videos, prints and other mediums will be created new and unique to the show, to illustrate (literally) the dynamism, diversity and spontaneity of graffiti culture and street art. Up-and-coming Singaporean artists Speak Cryptic and Yok & Sheryo will be presenting in the show as well.

Untitled mural in New York, Banksy. Photo credit: Ian Cox

Obama Vote Poster 2012, Shepard Fairey

Untitled mural in Montreal (2016), Felipe Pantone

Untitled mural in Shanghai (2012), Vhils Alexandre Farto

Empress Wu (2015), YZ. Photo credit: Stephane Bisseuil

An art show celebrating graffiti that wasn’t just commissioned by the National Arts Council? Sign us up.