Bigger, better, wetter

The Wild Wild Wet (WWW) revamp is looking good, and we’re all for it. Just months earlier in April, the water park launched two brand new rides for thrill-seekers—the hybrid tube ride Royal Flush and Free Fall, the tallest freefall water slide in Asia—that helped lift WWW out of its slump.

This month, two new rides have joined the mix, making the park now twice its original size. Vortex is a stripey, red-and-orange fiend that sends single riders through twists, turns and 360 degree loops, at speeds of up to 10 meters per second. The other new addition, Kraken Racers, is your classic four-lane, intertwined, mat racer slide—reminiscent of attractions at the now defunct Big Splash, and perfect for injecting some friendly competition into your sliding.

But if you really want a bang for your buck, come down to the water park at the end of October, for some good, clean Halloween fun. It’s thrills and literal spills come Oct 28-29 and Nov 4-5, when a zombie maze challenge throws players into an obstacle course within WWW, and adding to it the simple task of surviving the zombie apocalypse. On Nov 4, Panic in the Park, Singapore’s first Halloween run in a water park, will take participants on a 5km zombie run starting from Pasir Ris Park and ending safely in the Lazy River at WWW—providing, of course, you successfully make it through the scare zones without losing your "soul tag" to the undead.

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