But it's not in a mansion.

Gatsby-themed parties may have been one of the most common themes for a period of time back when Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby was released in 2013, which is why we found it surprising that this huge party was announced two months ago (it's clear now that we can never have enough of these '20s-inspired parties. But if you've always wanted to be a part of the opulent shebang, complete with golden, shiny decor, crazy drapery, and the works, the time is now. We now know where this "secret" party will be held, and it's not at a mansion per se.

The first Party Like Gatsby in Asia will be held at Tanjong Beach Club on May 26. As much as we love the place, it doesn't really seem like a place where Jay Gatsby would throw his over-the-top parties (unless of course, he were to own a beach club). Fans and excited partygoers took to the Facebook event page to voice their disappointment and concerns, while others decided to give their two-cents worth on what could possibly be appropriate attire for the venue.

The organizers did reply with grace, stating that having a Gatsby party at a beach "will be one of [their] most special and magnificent editions" to date, and that there will be "huge tents with enough shelter in case of rain" (it seems like this is their standard reply to anyone airing their... grievances). At the moment, details on the DJs, performances and the kind of grub they'll be serving are still sketchy, but from pictures of their previous parties, we know it's going to be massive, grand and flamboyant; they had performances by acrobats, burlesque dancers, bands and more.

If you're still interested, tickets start from $49.50. Find out more here.

Still not convinced? Check out their trailer below.