A good time to refresh your memory

How sick was the trailer for upcoming Star Wars film, The Last Jedi? Whether you were dumbfounded by the twist at the end (honestly feels like a misdirection though) or in awe with the new, super cute falcon-like Porg, you’re probably already dreading the two-month wait before it hits screens on Dec 15.

If you’re planning to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens just to refresh your memory of what went down in the epic space opera, why not do it at the Esplanade? For the first time, you’ll be able to enjoy John Williams’ revered soundtrack live while watching the entire film, complete with dialogue and sound effects, on Oct 29-31. More than 70 orchestra musicians will take the stage at Esplanade Theatre to perform music by the five-time Academy Award-winning composer.

For the uninitiated, Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes place 30 years after the Galactic Empire was defeated. There’s a new threat in the galaxy in the form of Kylo Ren and the First Order. And then we get to meet a couple of new protagonists—a First Order defector Finn, the hardened scavenger Rey, and resistance pilot Poe Dameron—as well as old-time favorites Leia Organa (who’s now the General of the Resistance), Han Solo and Chewbacca. Together, they try to end this new threat and piece together intelligence to find Luke Skywalker, who happens to be the last Jedi Knight in the galaxy… or so they thought.

Tickets are priced from $69-169 via Sistic. Seats are already limited, so get yours soon.