We're not sure if the shirt will actually be washed before being handed over

Regardless of whether you're into K-pop, chances are the name Lee Min Ho will ring a bell. This "lady-killer" South Korean actor, who has captured the hearts of many ladies, is now working with Korean skincare brand innisfree to allow anyone to virtually go on a date with him on Jeju Island using the wonders of virtual technology (cause that's what VR is created for, right?).

You can find the VR experience exclusively at innisfree's VivoCity outlet from May 5 onwards. 

There'll be three VR experiences in total at the store, and the one featuring Lee Min Ho lets you play out your imaginary sweet moments with him (which is weird, but whatever rocks your boat). In it, he'll take you through green tea fields, the Gotjawal forest and Jeju beach. Other VR experiences includes one which features Girls Generation's Yoona in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired VR tour.

Here's where the hardcore fans should start taking down some notes. There's a chance to win the white top (not sure if washed) worn by Lee Min Ho which he wore when shooting for the VR tour, simply by going on the VR tour taking place from May 5-18. For those who care more about their skincare products than Lee Min Ho, other prizes by innisfree include a green tea seed serum and a super volcanic clay mousse mask set. Find out more here.