Eat, speak and dance as the Portuguese-Eurasians do.

We have always labeled ourselves a multiracial society, but just how much do we know about the many minority groups that call Singapore home? On May 20-21, the first-ever Kristang Language Festival will provide a comprehensive look into one such people, the Kristang community, a creole ethnic group of Portuguese-Eurasian descent in Singapore. The event will be held at the Asian Civilization Museum where an eclectic range of activities will take place, including panel discussions with Kristang researchers Dr Alan Norman Baxter, Dr Stefanie Pillai and other experts in the field.

A festival wouldn't be complete without some hands-on sessions. So look out for the conversational Kristang language classes and Eurasian dance and cooking lessons. Kevin Martens Wong, who is part of the Kodrah Kristang revitalization project, and Mary Gomes, chef-owner of Eurasian cafe Mary’s Kafe are some of the experts conducting the classes. But the highlight must be the gala night dinner held at Hotel Fort Canning, where you’ll get to enjoy a Portuguese-European dinner spread, Kristang cultural performances and more.

All events (except the gala night dinner) are free with registration. We recommend registering soon as some are already fully booked. Check out their website here to find out the exact pricing and admission requirements.