Take a look at Dries Van Noten’s private life for the first time, open your eyes to the scary world of advertising, and more

Singapore’s film festival circuit has gone into full swing, but you knew that already when we rounded up the various festivals happening in the next couple of months. While we did mention A Design Film Festival (DFF) in there, along with a couple of titles they'd be screening on Oct 20-29, we now have the full deets.

Now in its seventh edition, Asia's first film festival (and no doubt one of the trendiest) dedicated to all things design will take place over two weekends at the Capitol Theatre, screening a total of 10 films that focuses on the current outlook of the design world, ranging from disciplines like architecture and contemporary art to fashion and music.

The festival kicks off with the Southeast Asian premiere of Hanzi, a feature-length documentary that delves deep into the design, visual culture and identity of Chinese typography, with interviews from font design masters in New York, Hong Kong, London and Taipei.

On the more stylish side of things, fashion purveyors should definitely catch Dries, this year's designer biopic which shines the spotlight on one of the industry's most private designers, Dries Van Noten. Filmmaker Reiner Holzemer spent a whole year following Van Noten, giving a behind-the-scenes look into his humble abode and work studio in Antwerp, as well as his show at Paris Fashion Week. Otherwise, there's the Black Mirror-esque eye-opener You're Soaking In It, which blows the top off the advertising world, unveiling the information gathering techniques in the digital age and a disturbing side of it you never knew you were a part of.

Lots to look forward to if you ask us. Tickets are $15 a pop on the DFF website, but make sure you get a hold of em’ early because they sell out super fast. Trailers below!

Big Time (Oct 22 & 29)

Blurred Lines (Oct 22 & 29)

Cassette (Oct 22 & 29)

Dries (Oct 20 & 27)

Free Lunch Society (Oct 21 & 28)

Hanzi (Oct 20 & 27)

Konstantin Grcic: Design Is Work (Oct 22 & 29)

Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back (Oct 21 & 28)

REM (Oct 21 & 28)

You're Soaking In It (Oct 21 & 28)