A whole month of dialect dialogue and celebrating seniors

Looks like it’s Silver Seniors September, as Silver Arts, Singapore’s only festival dedicated to the well-being of seniors, is back for its sixth edition this Sep 1-24. Organized by the National Arts Council, Silver Arts 2017 will feature a bumped up line-up of performances involving more than 80 veteran artists, senior talents and art groups.

The festival isn’t just for the enjoyment of senior citizens. While many programs will be conducted in dialect, it’s set to be a month-long affair of shows, exhibitions, films and workshops for both young and old. Highlights include a Hokkien music concert by street opera artist Mdm Oon Ah Chiam, music performances by pioneer bands, and a theatrical production by Cultural Medallion recipient Nadiputra, which involves witty dialogue carried out by both veteran and young actors in Malay, English and Mandarin, accompanied by a live music ensemble specializing in nostalgic tunes. Two locally directed films commissioned specially for the festival will also see their debut, and dive into topics of friendships, nostalgia and inter-generational bonding (not subtle in the least, but still welcome).

Also part of Silver Arts 2017, an initiative titled "Arts on the Move" has curated a line-up of activities for both young and elderly attendees to learn crafts and new skills. All the programs are free-of-charge; only six of the 38 programs happening during the festival are ticketed. Bringing senior and young artists together to pass on guidance, and start conversations, is such an important first step towards building a truly distinct local arts culture, so we’re definitely here for this.

Silver Arts 2017 is happening Sep 1-24 at various locations. More information here