Showcasing more than just Monte Carlo, of course

At the rate film festivals are popping up all over the city, we could very well have a small taste of each country through the power of cinema. For nine days (Oct 14-22), Asia’s first Monaco Film Festival will feature a total of 13 feature films across various genres ranging from comedy to drama and thriller at Alliance Francaise de Singapour and Capitol Theatre.

Feast your eyes on the second smallest country in the world (Singapore is #19) and all its glamor, rich history and breathtaking scenery at this festival, which will leave you wanderlusting for a trip to the crown jewel of the French Riviera. The festival is currently on-going, but you can still catch films like Monaco: Back to the Future, a one-hour documentary that showcases the various Princes of the microstate and their continual personal engagement when it comes to ground-breaking technologies like the launch of a blimp to the lifting off of a prototype helicopter for the first time in the Oceanography; and the 1966 classic, Un Homme Et Une Femme, a tale of two separate single parents who—with the burden of raising their children by themselves—try another shot at love.

Tickets are $9 a pop (free entry if you're an Alliance Francaise de Singapur member) via this website.