See gorgeous pieces from a legendary Japanese photographer, a Malaysian artist who creates fascinating works from everyday objects and many more.

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[Sponsored] Taking place from Jan 19-22 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, the second edition of Singapore Contemporary will showcase high-quality collectable art spanning paintings, limited editions, sculptures and photography. This year’s event will see the debut of Photo17 Singapore, a dedicated photography platform, and attendees can also look forward to joining complimentary tours and special programs. The collection at Singapore Contemporary 2017 encompasses a mix of career artists and rising stars with more than 20 countries represented. Here are six featured artists you should know about.

Daido Moriyama

Dog Town

If you missed his amazing retrospective at the recent Singapore International Photography Festival, you get another chance to marvel at his work. Daido Moriyama has spent half a century walking the streets of Japan. Through his lens, the world has seen a country undergoing a massive cultural shift from the post-war era to the present day. Specializing in capturing the underbelly of the urban environment, his unique style—grainy, gritty monochrome images shot on the fly—is instantly recognizable. Moriyama’s work can be viewed at Photo17 Singapore.

Ebru Varol

The Wait III

Istanbul-born, New York-based photographer Ebru Varol has a focus on details that often go unnoticed in objects, architecture and landscapes. In her work, windows, doorways, water and seemingly barren land are canvases for the play of light. Varol’s work can be viewed at Photo17 Singapore.

Sergio Camporeale

Relatos de la floresta III

Working in watercolor, acrylic and engraving, Argentinian artist Sergio Camporeale creates human comedies that are fully open to the interpretation of the viewer. An artist with a long history of global renown, Camporeale’s distinctive eccentric and absurdist work has been exhibited around the world. Camporeale’s work can be viewed at Latin American Voices.

Carlos Estevez

Orquesta de cámara celestial

Influenced by medieval literature, philosophy and religion, Cuban artist Carlos Estevez uses found objects, linear graphics and refined lines in his work, calling to mind ancient illuminated manuscripts and the drawings of da Vinci. As Cuba emerges from close to six decades of isolation, Estevez’s vision will only grow in importance. Estevez’s work can be viewed at Latin American Voices.

Azad Daniel

Space Invader(s) III

Born in 1976, Malaysian artist Azad Daniel draws inspiration from popular culture—more specifically, he explores the impact of foreign popular culture on his own environment. Using everyday objects like iPhones, donuts and takeaway coffee cups, he highlights the importance of balancing modernization and cultural preservation. Azad’s work will be featured as part of the Singapore Contemporary Gallery Projects.

Masahiko Tsubota


Utilizing a wide variety of mediums—from oil on canvas to printing, pencil and watercolour—Masahiko Tsubota’s work draws you in with bold colors and varied textures. A close-up look is essential to see the details beyond the superficial. Tsubota’s work will be featured as part of the Singapore Contemporary Gallery Projects.
Singapore Contemporary takes place from Jan 19-22 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Two-for-one tickets are available now at SISITIC. A full list of complimentary tours is available on the Singapore Contemporary website. For more, head to the Singapore Contemporary Facebook and Instagram pages.

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