The co-founder (with actor husband John Faulkner) of British Theatre Playhouse pauses her prepwork for upcoming production Yes, Prime Minister (May 8-18) for a chat with Clara Lim.

I love my work. There’s no doubt about that.

My morning ritual is switching on the TV, making a cup of tea, and bringing it back to my room to watch the news.

Gone are the days of throwing my own galas and parties—Playhouse has been keeping me so busy. It’s my life now.

It’s very difficult to get people to like you all the time, and vice versa.

People don’t realize how much of an investment time is.

I cannot neglect my friends. Even when I’m busy, like I am now, there are times when I sneak out for a meal or coffee with them.

I think women just have intuitions about people—some call it energy, some call it chemistry. I always listen to my hunches.

People used to ask, “don’t you want children?” and I would say, “oh yes, I love kids. I love them fried.”

Single people should move out and live on their own. When I did that, years ago, standing on my own feet made me relate to the world very differently. I also led a great bachelorette’s life!

I don’t know how people can go to a party and not drink. I drink to make other people interesting.

20 years back, I just couldn’t wait to grow up.

The only way to find yourself is to go out into the world, try different things and taste the salt. And I’ve tasted the salt… a lot.

The closest thing I have to a guilty pleasure is drinking. A glass of wine or a nice G&T really hits the spot when I’ve accomplished something—like answering 20 emails in one shot.

Life has come to a standstill because of Yes, Prime Minister. I haven’t had time to read, go to the cinema or even re-watch Yes, Prime Minister on BBC Entertainment!

I do meet people whom my instinct tells me “don’t touch!” But I do try to be diplomatic—and open—to them.

When I was studying in the US, I was exposed to a lot of drugs. But I never slipped up. My tiger mom had trained me well.

Youth is your ammunition. You can afford to make mistakes when you’re young. Though that’s not to say you can’t make them when you’re old!