We talk to writer-performer Oon Shu An about theater, life lessons and unicorns (yes, these things mix). 

Can you tell us more about the interesting format of your upcoming play, #UnicornMoment?

We are including an online element for the show, which could be seen as either the beginning of the play or a supplement to it. These aren't publicity videos, but rather an attempt to start a dialogue with the audience. We're trying to use the best parts of both the internet and theater. 

Online, you're able to build a relationship over a period of time with your audience, as opposed to theater, where people just go home after watching the show. However, we also love theater for its immediacy. So, we want to see how these two relationships can feed each other. 

Who or what inspires you as a theater practitioner?

Wow, so many things. Watching people constantly create and push boundaries really inspires me. Plus, working with Checkpoint Theatre and seeing the faith they have in new writers is also very motivating. I still cannot believe that this show is happening! 

Describe yourself in three words.

I'm a unicorn!

What’s your greatest unicorn moment (most important lesson you’ve learnt in life) thus far?

That we all have our own version of the past, and that there is no true, accurate account. Perhaps what's more important is to understand why people see the past the way they do.

What about your most significant milestone?

This! Having the opportunity to work with such an amazing company and create a show like this. We haven't even completed the process yet, but I can safely say that this will be one of the things in my life that I will never forget.

So what’s the best way to find meaning in life?

If I knew, I wouldn't have to do this show. Hopefully I'll figure out the answer soon! 

Shu An's production, #UnicornMoment, will be staged at the Esplanade Theatre Studio from May 8-10. Find out more here. Also, follow Shu An’s journey and be a part of the conversation at http://bit.ly/1fmkPef