About time.

Last year, the Singapore government took a strong stand against Singapore turning into a city filled with smog and implemented a couple of initiatives to curb car ownership, which included a new car-sharing scheme that would provide a greener option to actually owning one. It's just been announced this week that the program will be rolling out this December.

The idea is to have 1,000 BlueSG electric vehicles (EV), with 500 charging stations that will amount to 2,000 charging points, 400 of which will be for use with any other electric cars owned by the public. The first roll-out was initially scheduled to be introduced in neighborhoods like Jurong East, Ang Mo Kio and Punggol, with installations of 50 EV stations and 250 charging points to cater to the first fleet of 125 BlueSG cars. But that didn’t go according to plan because of delays.

Instead, to kick off this new program, there will be 18 charging stations located in Bishan and Punggol, 10 in the city and two within one-north and Science Park. All these stations will each come with four carpark spaces reserved for the 80 two-door hatchback BlueSG cars. Rental rates haven't been released, but they've said in an interview that all will be revealed "closer to December".

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