All thanks to a new partnership with Singapore Airlines

[Updated on Oct 13] With all the Grab announcements in the past couple of months, this partnership with Singapore Airlines (SIA) really takes the cake. In a nutshell, both parties will now integrate functions in their mobile apps that provide a more seamless way of getting to the airport in six different Southeast Asia countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

You'll be able to get a Grab ride to the airport on SIA's SingaporeAir mobile app up to seven days before your flight, anywhere within the six countries, which means no more wracking your brain and panicking over transport on the last day of your vacation. This option will launch your Grab app—with the destination already listed—and all you have to do is input your location pick-up and time. The best part is you can convert Grab points to air miles , but only if you're a member of SIA's KrisFlyer and Grab's GrabRewards programs, of course. You can't convert it the other way, but whatever you've accumulated from all your other rides can also be converted into KrisFlyer miles.

While the booking part has already been rolled out, a spokesperson for both parties has mentioned that the conversion rates of GrabRewards points to KrisFlyer miles are still in the works. We're sure it'll contribute—especially if you're a hardcore Grab user—in helping you rake up enough air miles to get them elusive discounted flight tickets, seat upgrades and other perks.

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Starting today (Oct 13), this new rewards program will be available to GrabRewards' Platinum first, before rolling out to all other GrabRewards tier members (Gold, Silver and Member) next week on Fri, Oct 20. Every 11,000 GrabRewards will get you 1,000 KrisFlyer miles. And as part of a special launch promotion, from now till Oct 31, GrabRewards Platinum members will get 2,000 KrisFlyer Miles instead for 11,000 GrabRewards points while all other GrabRewards members will get 2,000 KrisFlyer Miles instead for 12,000 GrabRewards points.