From dawn till dusk 

Canon PhotoMarathon, the region’s largest annual photography competition, took place last Saturday (Jul 28). With nearly 1,800 participants ranging from new-hands to pros, the 16th edition introduced a new "dusk challenge", which required participants to capture both day and night scenes of the island.

But the format remained the same: there were three themes—"solitude", "simplicity" and "glow"—announced on the day itself and the participants were tasked to go around Singapore to snapsome creative and neat photos within the three hours given for each theme. Here are the winning entries for each theme.


Photo credit: Aht Yomyai

Photo credit: Myo Thi Ha Kyaw


Photo credit: Ong Kah Hong

Photo credit: Jessie Chia


Photo credit: Nursanto Soeradi Somo

Photo credit: Lester Thomas Daniel

Canon Challenge

Photo credit: Shrirang Rajaram Nirgun