Our first order: Smoky gula melaka brown ale, peach sour beer and durian lager (for kicks)

Usually only of interest for those hoping to hold an event, purchasing craft beer made fresh in Singapore and customized to the taste we want is now an option for regular consumers like you and I, thanks to newly launched online booze service Trouble Brewing.

You may have thought of making your own homebrew before, but going through all that hassle is no longer needed now that you can simply order online your own style of beer. It’s not pricey to do so either, considering that the minimum order of a case of 24 beers goes for only $199 (roughly $8.30/bottle)—and prices only go lower the more you order.

For more serious drinkers, beers can also be ordered in kegs, on regular subscription basis and even with portable kegerators for beers on tap anywhere.

More on Trouble Brewing in the video below: