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There's a hot new establishment that stands out with its black-and-white facade along Mosque Street's row of shophouses. Aptly called Hotel Mono, this hotel has combined six refurbished conservation shophouses to make room for a series of high quality and well-designed rooms. We've seen our fair share of minimalistic hotel designs in Singapore like Lloyd's Inn and The Warehouse Hotel, but there isn't one that's entirely committed like this one.

The hotel is completely decked out in monochrome colors and no two rooms are the same. It's designed by the award-winning firm Spacedge Designs, who took Design of the Year in 2012 President Design Award for their glossy luminating HDB flat design Wonder BoxThey've also kept prices at an affordable rate, with a Double room costing $160 a night and under $300 for a Family room that sleeps accomodate four people. However, if you're planning on a staycation here, you probably need to book way in advance as they only have 46 rooms.

Scroll down for some eye-catching architecture design. 



Single room

Twin room

Bathroom inside the twin room

Double room

Studio room 

Family room

Bathroom inside the family room