A different meaning to starry, starry night

We were pleasantly surprised when we found out last year that a small 100-meter section of the Rail Corridor between Upper Bukit Timah and Choa Chu Kang Road was going to undergo construction to create glow-in-the-dark pathways, and now it's finally here.

This initiative is part of a two-year trial conducted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Besides paving the way for people to take night walks and being all pretty and mesmerizing, they're supposed to make the paths safer and more accessible without completely changing the rustic experience you'll get from using the track.

How does it work? Just like your old glow-in-the-dark stickers from yesteryears did: natural, non-toxic light green strontium aluminate minerals have been mixed into the pavement to absorb UV rays from the sun so that it will glow at night for a good eight hours. We're not sure if that's going to hold (remember how the stickers kind of lost its glow over time?), but that's what the trial is for, right? The remaining 300 meters of the test track will be made of grass, gravel, fine gravel and earth-colored porous concrete.

If you're interested on checking it out for yourself, it's located at the Rail Corridor along Woodlands Road, behind the Downtown Line Bukit Panjang station. They're also looking for feedback, so feel free to air your thoughts there.