Get them before the queues become unbearable. 

Remember the long lines of people queuing for the delicious cheese tarts by Hokkaido-based confectionery shop Bake when it opened last April? One year on, the queues are still forming at the ION Orchard's outlet. It seems like Singaporean's obsession with Japanese food (and apparently, snacks) is an undying and unwavering trait that won't end anytime soon. It's also very apparently, especially with the sheer number of Japanese eateries that have opened on our shores as of late. Next up, the highly popular Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff from a small town in Perak has opened its first outlet in Singapore.

Flavored cream filled puffs are nothing new, but the reason for its rise in popularity could also be because of their puffs are baked fresh by the hour (they don't serve puffs that have been left out for one hour because the crispiness is compromised). Their menu features a variety of popular flavors such as mint chocolate chips, taro, cookies and cream, mango and durian. The puffs are slightly pricey for what they offer, costing $3.90 a pop, but it could still be worth trying. From their Facebook page, photos show that queues have been slowly forming outside the shop every day, and they even had to close for a day to restock after just two days of operation.

From left to right, mint chocolate chips, durian and chocolate chips.

Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff is located at 35 Haji Ln and opens at 12pm-8pm on weekdays and 11am-8.30pm on weekends. Find out more here.