Indian nachos, briyani, curry and marsala chai tea are some of the things on the menu.

We're ridiculously excited about getting our hands on some delicious yakitori when Hong Kong "it" restaurant Yardbird takes over Meatsmith for a one day pop-up event next month. But that's not all this American smokehouse has up their sleeves. From Feb 1, Meatsmith will be heading over to Little India (their main store will still be in operation) for a special three-month pop-up at Wanderlust Hotel's Cocotte, which saw the restaurant's sad departure of celebrity chef Jason Atherton early last year.

We all know how amazing Meatsmith is when it comes to smoked briskets and all things meat, but at Cocotte, they've created exciting dishes using spices and ingredients that are usually found in conventional Indian dishes. We're talking about stuff like paneer dumpings and cashew curry ($6); Indian Nachos, which is really papadums you can dip into the dry beef curry, raita and paneer that comes together with it ($14); and the tandoori chicken and cauliflower pilaf ($24). But among all the Indian-inspired dishes, we're really looking forward to the MS Curry Dog, which will consists of a curry sausage with tomato archar topped with marsala mustard, between a warm brioche bun ($12). For drinks, enjoy free-flowing marsala chai tea for $5, or go for some quirky cocktails like the Biryani Old Fashioned or the Kanji Kooler, both $18. There's also beers, wines and coffee if it suits your fancy.

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