Japanese zi char bento boxes, for one

You know the hipsters have well and truly made a home for themselves here when a Japanese farmers market opens up in our very own airport. Located in the public area of Terminal 3 at Changi Airport, the Premium Japan Farmers Market, which opened on over the weekend (Sep 22), is a joint venture by premium Japanese food distributor ADiRECT Singapore and Zen-Noh International, one of Japan’s leading exporters of Japanese agriproducts.

The market prizes the same farm-to-table concept of fresh, organic produce, and offers a range of premium products flown in exclusively from Japan. Throughout the year, seasonal product fairs will bring in fresh goods of the moment, such as Shine Muscat grapes and various quality meat cuts. Departing passengers can even bring freshly purchased meat like Wagyu beef cuts onboard the aircraft, as they’re packed in ice gel packs to stay fresh in the air. Specialty food souvenirs like Japanese delicacies and sweets, as well as a range of Sake, are sold in the gifts section of the store, should you need a quick gift idea.

The store’s star offering, however, is the ready-to-eat bento box counter by Go-Zen, which allows customers to customize bento boxes from the selection of fresh ingredients available. Of the 25 dishes to choose from, there’s Wagyu, Shirobuta pork, snow crab, Ikura salmon roe from Hokkaido, and Japanese rice from Niigata. It’s Japanese zi char at its most convenient! Terminal 3 isn’t by any means short on dining options, but the farmers market is certainly a welcome addition.

The Premium Japan Farmers Market is located at the Departure Hall of Terminal 3, Changi Airport. More info here