We’re left with more questions than answers

Singaporeans are a creative lot when it comes to finding the right place to get it on. After all, our HDB flats are far from ideal for getting into the mood, especially not when we have to live with pesky parents and thin walls.

The first set of results from our SG Magazine Sex Survey 2018 has already revealed that we are having sex really often, are really satisfied in bed, and are actually really kinky. But where are the places we’d like to have the act at most? We’ve asked and you’ve (more than) delivered.

We’ll start with the most popular one with almost one-third (30.7%) indicating that this is your favorite spot, and it’s… hotel balconies. Nope, most are not interested in the room they paid for nor in the warmth of the bathtub but would rather be out there in the open. Perhaps it’s the allure of the breeze against bare skin, or that we’re all mildly exhibitionist somehow. In any case, we sure hope housekeepers are reading this so they know where to give a good scrub.

Coming a close second at 21.9% is none other than the office. This is probably no surprise. There must be a reason why so many porn sets are modeled after offices, right? What we’d really wanna know is where exactly in the office people fantasize doing it most. By the reception counter? On the boss’ desk? Under the meeting table? Tell us in the comments cause we're really curious.

In third place is an unexpected but not unheard of locale. A sizable 10.8% of you really wanted to have sex in a secluded forest, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We get it—there are just too many people around sometimes. We sure hope these respondents are not indicating interest in Singapore’s illegal pop-up forest brothels though.

And coming in fourth place (at 9.3%) is the car. Unimaginative perhaps, but also indicative that we really prefer an outdoorsy sex life.

This is further confirmed by the many, many other entries we got. Places like gardens, parks and beaches appeared frequently; so did swimming pools, public showers and hot springs. Meanwhile, our cemetery option received zero love. That’s actually good to know.

Some rather alarming entries respondents added include public restrooms, changing rooms, airplane toilets (is the mile-high club still a thing?), in the steam room, and *gasp* in someone’s late sister’s room.

The ones we never expected? Some indicated Oculus Rift for virtual intimacy (we’re not judging), while some thought doing it on public trains get them really turned on. The unexpected one that’s actually a pretty decent choice is under a waterfall. While we’re not so sure about the practicalities of it, it sure conjures up a vivid image of having water splashes drown out your screams of ecstasy as you hump. Good one.

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