Alternatively, you could go over to eat with them.

Delicious restaurant meals delivered to you by Foodpanda, UberEats and Deliveroo are all well and good. But if you’re beginning to miss home-cooked meals because you just don’t have time to make them, fret not. There’s a new fuss-free service coming to town just for that.

The community-driven marketplace Dine Inn operates like a free market, with more than 200 self-proclaimed home chefs offering their heartfelt home-cooked dishes. Conceptualized by F&B veterans chef Eric Teo, who’s been in the industry for more than 30 years, and Luke Lee, owner of local six eateries, Dine-Inn will connect cooks and foodies that might not have met otherwise. Whether you’re picking between appetizers, entrees and desserts, you can choose to have them at the host’s place, self-pick up, delivered to you, or have the hosts go over to cook right in your own kitchen. Obviously this means they can only prepare is limited batch each day, but on the upside, your have immediate confirmation on your orders.

The app will be available in the next couple of weeks on the App Store and Google Play, offering the same functionalities as the web version. More info here (you can even sign up to be a host too!).