Welcome... to Jurassic Park

Come Dec 22-23, our beloved Esplanade Theatre is in for a roaring treat. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Steven Spielberg blockbuster film, the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra will perform “Jurassic Park in Concert” in its Southeast Asian debut, and bring the magic of the park off the screens and into real life.

Sit back in silent awe as the full-sized symphony orchestra performs John Williams’ iconic score live and in time with the entire film, projected on a large screen. The concert will even include the original dialogue and sound effects, for the truly immersive Jurassic Park film experience you’ve been waiting for since 1993.

Conducted by Benjamin Northey, the orchestra previously performed equally mind-blowing music-concerts—such as Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter film franchises. Tickets are priced from $105-255, but you can get a promo code if you sign up for their newsletter here. Hold onto your butts.