Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Noticed something odd this morning? Were people on the trains actually looking up and noticing their surroundings? Were you? For a short period, the world lost its mind when people all around the world were received an error message in place of the usual Facebook feeds.

You weren't alone. Most of the outage was reported in Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and parts of North America. While everything is back in order, a Facebook representative said that the 30-minute outage was due to a "technical issue", though it's not clear what that issue really is. You might want to check all your settings just in case. And while everyone was having an existential crisis, we turned to Twitter to see what everyone had to say about #facebookdown.

Some people noticed the irony...

…while others just didn’t know what to do with their lives anymore.

And then there were the wise ones…

…the ones who panicked for professionals whose lives depended on Facebook

…and of course the memes.