About time

There’s a new comedy club in town, and it’s hoping to do more than just invite a few laughs. The Merry Lion Comedy Club is a dedicated comedy venue—and more importantly, Singapore’s only full-time comedy club.

While established comedy shows like Comedy Masala and Comedy at Canvas have gained followings for their regular acts, they typically operate out of bars and lack a permanent space of their own. The Merry Lion doesn't. Already opened in its soft launch (Nov 16), the club was set up by four comedy lovers with bar management and comedy event experience. Resident host Scott Mitchell is a comedian himself, and after 14 years living in Singapore, now sees over 40 regular open mic newbies take the stage weekly.  

Inspired by the growth of the local comedy scene, the Merry Lion team want to draw both comedians and goers away from the hodgepodge of one-off venues (read: pubs and bars), and into a dedicated space, where they can look forward to a steady stream of quality entertainment. The club already has weekly shows lined up for the rest of the year, and comedians booked to perform include local personalities Jinx Yeo and Samuel See, Comedy Central star Paul Ogata, and The Latecomers, Singapore’s very own improv troupe.

It’s still early days, but the club also has active plans to support all kinds of local talent. A community art wall within the space will be dedicated to local artists who wish to display their latest work. Open mic comedian-turned-artist Marie Wong will curate the pieces, as well as create portraits of all performing headliners to hang on the wall.

The Merry Lion opens officially in Jan 2018, but you can head to their shophouse on #03-00, 8B Circular Road, to catch the rest of the 2017 acts; or donate to their kickstarter here. More information here.